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10 Things that might Indicate your house is haunted

October 17, 2011 (Monroe, Ct)

For over 50 years, Lorraine Warren and her late husband, Ed, have been nationally recognized as America's foremost experts of the supernatural realm.

The Warrens have investigated over 5,000 hauntings and have written 10 books on their findings, including their highly acclaimed work The Demonologist. National television credits include Good Morning America, Today Show, 20/20, Entertainment Tonight and Primetime.

Their more famous cases have been dramatized in such movies as The Amityville Horror and A Haunting in Connecticut. The film rights to Ed and Lorraine's life story have been acquired by Newline Cinema for production into a major motion picture.

Additionally, Lorraine and fellow psychic researcher and son-in-law, Tony Spera, are featured regularly in advisory roles on such shows as A&E's Paranormal State, Unsolved Mysteries, A Haunting,Ghost Adventures and most recently, Travel Channel's Mysteries at the Museum.

As Halloween approaches, our minds tend to wonder about those things that go bump in the night. Are ghosts actually real? If so, how do we know the difference between an overactive imagination and something truly otherworldly? Tony and Lorraine offer some useful indicators to aid paranormal novices in figuring out if spirits are present in their homes:

1. You are being watched. You have an uneasy feeling that somebody or something is watching you. This could be an indication that a spirit may have set up residence in your home.

2. Cold temperatures. There are definite "Cold Spots" in the home. Areas that suddenly feel as if the temperature has dropped 20 or 30 degrees.

3. Peripheral sighting. You catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye. It's almost as if a shadow or a mist has suddenly darted by.

4. Dramatic dreams. You begin to have unusually strange dreams and thoughts that you never had before. This could be the beginning sign of spirit oppression.

5. Unexplained noises. Unusual noises, knocking, scratching or pounding sounds. You might hear footsteps in another room and then, rush in only to find no one there.

6. Offensive odors. Putrid smells or odors appear suddenly, and then vanish just as quickly. This could be an indicator of something more sinister in nature.

7. Person-associated odors. A familiar odor, such as a deceased loved one's perfume or smoke from their cigar may appear suddenly and then, just as suddenly, vanish.

8. Audible whispering. You hear voices but can't quite make out what they are saying. This phenomenon is known as "magic whispering."

9. Physical contact. You are touched, groped, or shaken by an invisible hand and are not able to come to an alternative rational explanation of how this might have occurred.

10. Visual occurrence. You actually see a materialization of a spirit. It may appear as a fog-like substance, or as a full materialization, as solid as you.

About Lorraine Warren and Tony Spera:

For over half a century, Lorraine Warren and her late husband, Ed, have been the unquestioned leaders of supernatural and occult investigation. Their son-in-law, Tony Spera, has worked with the Warrens for over 30 years, and as a former police officer, he looks at possible haunting phenomena with a critical and skeptical eye. Lorraine is best described as a clairvoyant and light trance medium, which means she can sense, hear and feel things through a "sixth sense". She also has the ability to see a person's "aura".

Lorraine has been tested at UCLA under the watchful eye of Dr. Thelma Moss, and her abilities are well documented. After Ed's passing in 2006, Tony Spera took the reins as Director of The New England Society of Psychic Research, founded by the Warrens in 1952. Tony and Lorraine routinely travel across the country and around the world leading investigations, lectures and other events that facilitate the Warrens' continued mission of delivering their esteemed knowledge and assistance to those in need.

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