Thursday, September 29, 2011

The World’s Creepiest Places by Dr. Bob Curran

A book that might have been better titled The Worlds’ Creepiest Stories is by Dr. Bob Curran, a writer and world traveler who seeks out those places where horrible things happen to people, mostly children.

Dr. Curran’s 203 page book is replete with tales and histories that present the worst in humanity and how the evil actions they committed afflicted their locale or venues, such as:

Bachelor’s Grove in Chicago, Illinois
Capuchin Cemetery in Palermo, Sicily
Dragsholm Castle in Denmark
Gore Orphanage Road in Cleveland, Ohio
Leap Castle in County Offaly, Ireland
Mortemer Abbey in Normandy, France
Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky
Yumbulagang in the Yarlung Valley, Tibet
And seventeen other sites.

If you’re a reader who seeks after human depravity and/or spooky places created by awful inhumanities, Dr. Curran’s book is for you.

A story about children injected with fluids, by a Dr. Kroh, that swelled their heads, creating grotesque monsters who end up killing the insane scientist, will put you off your lunch. [Page 65 ff.]

A story about wayward magic at a rectory in Warleggan (Bodmin Moor, England) is a bit more tepid than others, but is still spooky enough to give a reader chills. [Page 155 ff.]

A story about a phantom wagon, driven by a skeletal being, who when asked where he was going in such a hurry said “To Hell” is recounted in a Chapter about ghosts and hauntings in Africa. [Page 136 ff.]

The book is chock full of tales that indicate the world is full of spooks, and bad people.

Such stories aren’t this readers cup o’ tea but we have friends who feast on such ghastly offerings, and this book will serve their needs for fright more than adequately.

The book is $15.99 and may be purchased at fine bookstores, and at internet venues such as or Powell’s and Barnes and Noble.

The book is published by New Page Books, a division of The Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ.


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